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Outdoor Living by FormTerra Designs

Providing our clients with the highest quality outdoor living experience is our top priority. We build spaces that add more than just value to your home. We create spaces that enhance your lifestyle and enrich your life. Outdoor kitchens are the hottest trend in home design. A backyard outdoor kitchen transforms a boring area into a relaxing living area, where friends and family can chat around a fire pit, eat or drink at a patio table or bar, and enjoy the comforts of home outdoors. An outdoor kitchen allows you to spend more time outdoors with family and friends while keeping clean-up to a minimum. A modern outdoor kitchen combines innovative design with versatile features, including a refrigerator, sink, barbecue grill, as well as locking cabinets. Our custom fire pits are perfect for entertaining, and they are built to the highest quality and look amazing!

Outdoor kitchen

FormTerra Designs is a landscaping company that combines experience, skill, and artistic vision, to help you transform your yard and create your own functional sanctuary.

Outdoor kitchens have become a way to extend your living space outside with quality appliances that can handle anything from dinner parties and holiday gatherings to summertime family fun. Our outdoor kitchens provide the perfect solution for creating a backyard environment that is both useful and enjoyable.


Fire Pits

Fire pits designed by us are custom-made to suit each customer. There is no better way to enhance your experience than to have a fire pit tailored specifically to your design. You can trust FormTerra Designs to provide you with a stylish, custom designed fire pit that complements the rest of your vision perfectly. In addition to natural gas inserts and smokeless wood fire pits, our designers can incorporate round and square designs with many other options, including built-in seating.


Spa/Water features

With beautiful water features built into your design, including stunning water fountains and elegant waterfalls, you will experience harmony and tranquility. Turn your vision into something truly extraordinary. The stunning beauty of outdoor water features includes elegant wall fountains, cascading waterfalls, and spilling rock falls. They are a wonderful way to improve your property. We have the perfect solution for you whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat to relax in or an eye-catching showpiece for your yard. Let us design a water feature for you to create a backyard paradise today!


Kitchen Appliances

Thanks to stainless steel construction, outdoor kitchens are resistant to the elements and can be used for many years.

Built-In Grill
Grills incorporated into built-in outdoor counters blend in seamlessly with their design.

Built-In Outdoor Oven
An outdoor oven is a valuable addition to any backyard kitchen. Pizza, roasts, and pies can all be cooked outdoors, just as you would inside.

Side Burner
With Side Burners, you can cook outside next to your grill. They have adjustable temperatures so they work just like an indoor range burner. They are the finishing touch to your outdoor kitchen.

Fire Pit Style

A variety of options are available based on your design layout. How would you like your yard to be laid out? Round or square? Will there be seating built into the design using concrete blocks and caps? Do you want a custom table top for extra functionality, and what color and style of blocks would you like? Depending on your goals and vision, FormTerra Designs can assist you in choosing the right design.

Water Feature Spillways

Falls of water are an impressive addition to any wall created with spillways. There is usually an overflow lip or edge built into or onto a vertical surface, with a basin below to catch the falling water. Spouts can be made of solid brass, stainless steel, or even illuminated Colorfalls. Depending on the basin, a pump or a remotely controlled circulation system may be installed.

Highest Quality Outdoor Living Experience

Providing our clients with the highest quality outdoor living experience is our top priority. We build spaces that add more than just value to your home.


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FormTerra Designs prides itself on an extensive knowledge base of skills and artistic visions. From conception to completion FormTerra Designs puts our client’s needs and vision first. With an advanced process of 3D rendering with excellent client communication, we guarantee all requirements of the job are done right. Rest assure our team of skilled experts will “Transform your Yard”.